Enchanted Enchantment …

As the big black clouds come , the blue mist helps me to lift and feel safe 

As I walk I hear the sounds of nature call deep into my heart . The elementals are here  playing and invite me to do the same .

I smell the air and I know I am home , Nature whispers and  I understand what it is they say …

As the skies turn grey and dark I see the haze that lights up …

I am still, 

I am here,

I play ,

I skip,

I run ,

I laugh 

To be in one place … this place called home  …we are here to bring love , to bring light to our hearts … the birds sing and speak to my essence to help me remember , feel free and grounded in our heart .

Words by : Salvatore Lomonaco Image by : Salvatore Lomonaco 


Larissa’s Hope 

Be still and everything will come to you . You no longer need to be scared . I will hold your hand and guide you to your destiny .

Peace comes with no price

connecting to Male , connecting to female , we are all one .

For you are the magnet that brings in the change . Be still and at peace and you can BE .

Within the dark , you are the light , within the chaos you ARE  the stillness.

Image – By Salvatore Lomonaco Words- By Salvatore Lomonaco 

The Courage to Fear 

It would seem fitting that in this time of great uncertainty this writing would come through ….

When your courage waivers and when you cannot let go of fear in the world, it is a  feeling, the conscious collective fear energy and this fear holds you back from love and a life you deserve 

Strength and courage are your birthrights but in today’s world you have been lead to believe in the darkness of fear and to keep you from being divine and a being of the light ! 

This writing is for YOU …

“If you find your way to this message and to this channel , I will be connecting frequently to help give you courage , to give you strength . I am of love , the right hand of the divine and I shield and protect you with love and light 

When fear begins to consume you, it is time to cut the cords to what it is that attaches you to fear 

Call me in to teach you how to surrender to love and let go of your fear 

The fear came to this time and since your birth , avenues have made you believe in this fear . Fear is ego, Fear is the dark 

Attune yourself to angelic realms and to that of  your spirit guardians and guides 

We are the ministry of the divine that keeps the love Alive and gives you the courage to face the fear

When new fears present themselves , believe in the divine, believe in love , for the ego will try and pull you down into the dark 

When people ask ” whom shall I call for protection?” You KNOW my name , you know that by calling my name , will you be able to let go of the fear 

You WILL have strength and courage  soon dear divine one , for your blocks of fear are breaking down

What is your fear ? What is your darkness ? 

In this life you must find your courage to speak of love and light . The energies of these years are breeding more ego and darkness . For the light workers with gentle hearts , I ask you to take your arms and shield yourself and fight for the light 

Everyday protect your light 

Everyday speak and be one of true strength and courage 

Just ask the divine purple light to protect 

Protect you from all forms of fear , protect you from above and below , inside and outside and all around . 

Protect you from the dark eating your light 

Attune yourself to courage

Be at one with your fear and cut your cord

Find your strength  to protect your light

You are blessed 

You are the light 

Stay in the light 

I gift you my shield and sword of light ,may you find your courage on this night”  

Words : Salvatore Lomonaco 

Image : Internet 

Gratitude not Attitude 

In a fast paced world full of gizmos and gadgets we don’t stop to be grateful for the majesty of blessings bestowed upon us .

The writings today have come through because often , like most , we forget to show gratitude for everything we have 

Gratitude is the most powerful and enlightening gift you could gift yourself and a chance to work and reflect on yourself , something that no body can take from you but something so simple and powerful to acknowledge and register how precious life is 

Have you ever met Someone suffering from ill health ?and how grateful they are for the moments they feel well and for the life quality they do have ?

Many of you  take life for granted , thinking nothing will ever touch you and then one day life lessons come knocking at your door

How do we uplift our thoughts ? 

How do we be grateful for the simple things in life ?

That gift of waking up and being able to do anything you wish to do 

As you acknowledge and show gratitude give thanks for you life and show appreciation

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and to show appreciation and Return kindness

Take pride in showing people this virtue , this heart felt feeling of sharing gratitude , for when you open your heart to being kind , showing kindness , YOUR life will be enriched and enhanced 

Be kind always 

Be grateful 

Show gratitude 


Words : Salvatore Lomonaco 

Image : unknown 

Gifts from Above 

With so much happening in the world we have forgotten and become distracted . It is time to act on the divinely inspired ideas that the Angels and higher realms are gifting upon you 

Often we send gifts through our words and through your intuition but like a gift if you do not accept it , or open it , it never manifests into this world 

All our divine gifts , which we have many for you , so you can find yourself and birth into this world something that is meant to be shared with All and to keep you on the right path 

Have you felt recently that you have so many ideas and things you wish to do with your work and life ? Making positive changes in the world ? 

This is our divine inspiration giving you the energy to start your projects , but often you get distracted by mundane activities that pull you off the path to manifesting your hearts desire 

Today we send you a task…

What is the idea that has recently come through ?

Think of the first thing that pops through !

Take 3 actions to help manifest and ground this idea 

We send you this affirmation through this channel 

” my ideas are divinely inspired , they come through me to make the world a better place , through action , I create everything from my heart for the highest good of all” 

Words & Image : Salvatore Lomonaco 

One Love ❤️

As we know so much ‘ Stuff’ is happening around us but it comes down to just one thing ! One word , one feeling … LOVE…

Today the message that is being channelled through is …be love , think love , act love first and forget about the rest ….

You are a divine being of light coming from the purest of love yet often human existence creeps in and your projection of love is tainted by the ego …
As a being of pure love you are gently reminded that as soon as you read this post ,to turn your attention to Love …stop what you’re doing and be Love !!! 
Love is the highest vibration and whether you are stuck in traffic or running late just be love .

The Angels speak through me today because in our current world of judgment we are not choosing to Love completely because it does not sit with our current belief systems … 

Gentle soul today is about the new evolution of light that is needed and tonight when you pray , pray to be love and to teach others how to see only love and light in the world … Even when the ugliest cruelest things pass you … See the love and be the love because by being Love you send the love healing energy into the world and others will benefit from This energy ! 

Remember to be mindful and practise mindfulness with all your words and remember that in order to give love and send love out , be open to also receiving and accepting Love .

Love is all you need X 

Words: Salvatore Lomonaco 

My Heart Bleeds 

Everyday we work on our thoughts and we most certainly work on our physical bodies and focusing externally 

We are at a crossroads where we need to connect to our essence and our emotions

For too long we have avoided all to do with emotions because it stirs up so much  deep within us and much like murky water  that is stirred , everything comes to the surface 

It is safe and ok for you to let go of this emotional pain that you’re still holding onto

To let go of something emotionally gives you that freedom to feel unburdened in everything that you do

Do you have aches and pains in the body ? 

Is your body trying to tell you something but you choose to ignore or want a quick fix ? 

Sometimes those aches and pains are the emotions that you are choosing not to deal with and let go of , for as they say misery loves company 

Does you heart bleed with things from the past you cannot heal?

Do you enjoy the suffering and holding yourself closed and find blame in others 

Today take and make the time ! Start allowing your heart to mend !!! Why have your heart hanging upside down when it can face upwards and outwards 

Look at your heart and look deep into it and ask yourself what emotions need to be healed today 

Write a letter to your emotions and ask for that forgiveness and let go of all that has hurt you and stops you from moving forward 

It is a time in the world that we need to heal these deep emotions to liberate us and align ourselves to our soul purpose 

Are you ready for this emotional healing ?

Write that letter to whatever needs to be healed emotionally … BURN IT and send it to heaven and the Angels 

From today allow your bleeding heart to heal and feel free 

Words : Salvatore Lomonaco